2016: The Gifts We Shared

Hello friends,

We have been overwhelmingly blessed for such an abundant 2016 for Acts of Sharing and Common Change, right here in Austin, TX and all over the world. Our Austin group itself raised over $2,700 for our neighbors last year, and got to meet almost every month to get to know each other deeper and talk about the things most important to us.

We are lucky we have so much to celebrate! Abroad, Common Change UK just became official as a UK charity this month. Here in the US, we added 6 new groups just last week! Nationally we total 242 groups this year. This hugely increases our ability for extending growth and support, and we are very excited to see what another year of growth can do for our communities.

As you read through the stories above, I hope you can remember each time of community and sharing we had, and know how deeply we appreciate and value your presence. We can’t wait to see you. Let us know if you or any guests can make it to dinner in 2017! Your place is already set.


Your friends in sharing

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The Generosity of Total Strangers



written by a friend after a Generosity Dinner in Austin, Texas, August 2016 

This year, our family has experienced deep disruption as we’ve had to move out of our home and part with most of our possessions due to mold. It is only through the grace of friends and family who have come alongside us that we’ve been able to make a new start.

  • So much of the loss and grief has been balanced by the love we’ve felt from those who have cared for us, and I’m grateful that my children have been able to experience this firsthand.


One of the unique blessings of this has been the way people we don’t even know have come alongside us. We received a gift through Common Change simply because someone advocated for our need, and others chose to share in that.


The generosity of total strangers stirs a depth of gratitude and joy unlike anything else we’ve experienced.


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